Why Surround

SURROUND is an Advanced Data Analytics Tool that provide actionable insight on HR, Financial and Supply Chain domains. It integrates critical data from across the enterprise value chain transforming silos of information into relevant, timely, and actionable insight that enables executives, managers, or line managersto receive actionable information directly through personalized dashboards, metrics, and alerts



Surround HR It helps the HR department to improve its processes, optimize the workforce and workplace management as well as to enhance the overall employee performance.

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Supply Chain

Data analytics tools drive tangible results with customers, and the entire supply chain process, also it helps the Supply Chain department to improve its processes and transform resources, raw materials and components into finished product that used to track supply chain KPIs and metrics in a single display or Interface.

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Focuses on Use Facts, Not Intuition, It is focus on value-added KPIs that drive business performance. Understand profitability and financial liquidity in processes and make strategic decisions with confidence.

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General Features

Short Description about Surround

Unlimited Users & Powerful Reporting

Multi-branch agency? We have you covered! You can have unlimited users with different permissions, and you can maintain complete visibility with an oversight dashboard and powerful reporting features.

Your Data + Our Data = Unbeatable Data

Leverage the power of your database by utilising our proprietary address matching technology. Automatically convert lost valuations to new instructions using your own data, no matter what estate agency software you use!

SURROUND then generates intelligent and targeted reports, each pertinent to the employee's individual , all at the click of a button.